Central Otago's Hidden Gem
Central Otago's Hidden Gem
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Unfortunately we were unable to supply all the orders for cherries (especially white) prior to Christmas. We were able to courier partial orders for most, and are working hard to refund everyone the difference as soon as possible so please be patient.

We have also experienced two separate heavy rain events at a time we would usually be harvesting some of our best quality cherries for mail orders and due to this we are finding it difficult to mail out a high quality standard of cherries at this stage... Regretfully we must put mail orders on hold for the moment.

If you haven't heard from us yet, you will soon. Again, we are working through the orders as quickly as we can but have had to spend a lot of extra time on the orchard...

Looking forward to some better weather this week...! Thank you for your support and understanding during a time like this =(

Jerry's Cherries | Fairview Orchard Fruit Shop

Living and breathing the historic Fairview Orchard in beautiful Roxburgh, Central Otago.  You'll find our summerfruit, vegetables, coffee, real fruit ice creams, local and New Zealand honey, cold beverages, oils, gifts, yummy treats & much much more here in our roadside shop!

Red Cherries
Jerry's Cherries

Red Cherries

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